Hi, hey there!!

I am Victoria R Gaskin, once underdog who overcame single teenage pregnancy, low self-belief and lack of life clarity, to later soar in business and creative entrepreneurship. Thanks for stopping by BEGRE8T. I look forward to connecting with you!

my superpower:

sparking women to shine in front of everybody without considering anybody!

my charge:

to see women win despite their beginning. 

Result: Knowledge

You have a thirst for learning new things and challenging your mind. You love to read and instantly Google information you aren't familiar with. You are an expert analyzer. When time allows, you take classes for fun and one of your favorite past times is having lively, intelligent discussions. You are introspective, logical, and sharp.

What I do


I speak + teach to ignite goal-gether's to live authentic and pursuing lives with education, inspiration, and by confidently and effectively sharing my faith and relative real-life experience, to embolden female goal-gether's to excel forward and walk in their unique power to seize opportunities that may be intimidating to others.


I author books that unveil purpose and inspire greatness. In 2016 I released It's My Destiny: Holding Fast in the Midst of Transition, a devotional for those transitioning towards destiny. As an avid journal user, in March of 2019 I launched my very own prompt journal line entitled Journal Your Greatness - It's not about being the best. It's about being YOUR best!


I create digital and print content that captures the eye, stirs the soul, and provokes impactful and life changing transformation. 

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