Feeling Hidden Or Overlooked?

December 11, 2019


Have you ever felt like everyone was moving forward in life except you?  Or, the progress you are so diligently pursuing is not happening - no matter how hard you try?


Chin up; we've all been there! I recall a season in my business when I worked night and day but couldn't break through. While on the other hand, it seemed as if my fellow femalepreneurs were gaining all the exposure, making sales, and planning for even better coming quarters. 


I'm going to share something I have learned - every season will not be your season.


In some cases, the reason why things are not panning out is because: 

1. You are being preserved for a specific assignment.

2. God is giving you ample time to prepare yourself for the assignment.

3. God is giving you an inside view of what is right, wrong, and in need of you before He releases you to the assignment.

4. God is preparing a table for you in the presence of your enemies as you walk in the assignment.

5. God is waiting on you to take a leap of faith and accept the assignment.


Wanna know my advice?



In seasons like this, first place yourself and then consider ways to maximize your time to further prepare for what lies ahead. And remember, even the biggest and best endure seasons when things seemingly don't appear to be working for them. 


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