5 Rules For Your Next Conversation

December 4, 2019


Your mother always told you “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” But, that didn't always stop you from speaking your mind, right?  


Maybe that is just my story...


It wasn't 'till after I entered the real world that I learned to appreciate and apply my mother's advice skillfully and with wisdom. 



1. Don’t allow people to speak any kind of way to you, about you, and around you. Require everyone who enters your personal space to not only respect it but understand that it is a privilege to be welcomed into it.

2. When approached, be alert to baiting conversations and quickly shut them down. Don't be the dumping ground for anyone's garbage (lies, gossip, and unfruitful talk). Make them take their trash else where. Also, don't be afraid to walk away things suddenly go left.  



3. Never share anything you don’t want to be known publicly or in mixed company. When you operate as if there are no secrets you avoid potential shame or backlash if your words get out. Also, you won't have to shy away from owning your part in a conversation.

4. Keep your opinion to yourself, unless you have been asked and the individual is genuinely ready for it. Be mindful that everyone is not interested in what you would do. In most cases, neither are they prepared to accept what you may say. To avoid making matters worse, hold your peace - piece of advice. 



5. Always, I MEAN ALWAYS point people to the good in every situation. This is where momma's advice really comes in handy. People already know how bad things may be or can be. Find a way to cast a beacon of light into the matter. 



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