5 Tips To Schedule Like A Boss

September 29, 2019



Does this sound anything like you?


  • NOOooooooo...that can’t be right!!??


  • Ohhhh shoot, I'm going to be late!


  • Gurrrrrlll, how did I forget about that??!? 


  • Wowwzaaah.....when did I agree to that??!!


  • Well, I know I wrote it down somewhere!???


  • Chillllleee!!! I just don’t have time for that!! 


If so, it’s time to stop it!! All of these reactions are a sign that you are not on top of your calendar.


Try these 5 tips on for size so you will never forget another appointment or overbook yourself again.  



1. Plan a daily scheduling session to ensure you stay abreast of all your duties. This can be first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or even at the end of the day as you are winding down.



2. Calendar a weekly forecasting session to review in advance what’s coming up so you can plan accordingly. This will help you identify and correct conflicting responsibilities and back you in not overbooking yourself. 



3. Have one planner so everything can be set in one place. You don’t want to miss something because you forgot to check in multiple datebooks.



4. Don’t get in a hurry to fill your planner with goals, objectives, meetings, appointments, and deadlines. If you do you may find yourself overwhelmed and adding things that will never be completed.


5. Check back regularly to ensure nothing falls in the cracks because things are always subject to change. 



Drop us a line in the comments and share intentional ways to be proactive with your schedule.   





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5 Tips To Schedule Like A Boss

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