Drop the Act! Be Yourself.

October 4, 2019

I recall crossing paths with several people who believed they knew best on how I should and shouldn’t act, what my life should and shouldn’t look like, who I should and shouldn’t have a relationship with, and so forth and so on.


I would love to tell you that I instantly rejected their input, but I didn’t. Sadly, I took many of their opinions and filed them away in my identity-box and attempted to live up to their expectations in hopes it would please both them and me.

So much for wishful thinkingit didn’t happen!

Instead, the pressure of their expectations became burdensome to me. Being completely honest, somewhere in there I (Victoria) got lost. I became uncertain where I was right and where I was wrong – what was authentic and what was fabricated. I was so unfamiliar to myself that I’d stare in the mirror for long periods of time and ask myself the question “Can I just be me?”.

After time, soul searching and detoxifying my life, I finally gave myself the answer I so desperately needed. I told myself, “Unequivocally, YES!” (as I write this I'm adding please and thank you for further emphasis ❤️ because I owed myself that much).  


I then intentionally went on a pursuit to abandon the false identity markers that I created to please people and entrenched myself in what it meant to just be Victoria


And might I say, what a relief it was to finally be okay with owning who I was, what I did, and the woman I was striving to become without providing explanation or reasoning for doing so.

If you haven’t already, at some point in life you must ask yourself the same question and be brave enough to respond, like I did.  


Yes, there is a strong chance you will lose some relationships and be misunderstood by those close to you. However, there is a goodly expectation that you will gain a more profitable relationship with the person you've been improperly dishonoring and missing all along, you. 

Did you know Victoria R Gaskin has a line of prompt journals that will help you increase identity-awareness and build self-love? Learn more here


I want to hear from you. Tell us about your journey towards identity-acceptance and authentic living. 





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