Overcoming 'I Can't'

January 12, 2020


It is inevitable for a driven-woman to experience unexpected obstacles while making great moves. Some may even cause her to contemplate the likelihood of completing her mission. Take heart. Every woman struggles with the ideal of where her personal limitations lie.


When it does happen, I encourage you to do one thing - don't say what you can't do. Why, you say? Because the odds of you following up that statement with purposeful action is very slim because you have already verbally defeated yourself. 


Recognize that the statement "I can't" does not speak of your ability or inability; it is an excuse that convinces you not to try. In my experience, the female achiever who chooses to use it does so because:


1. She failed previously and is afraid to try again.


After an unsuccessful effort I've seen women become reluctant to give it another go because they fear that it will result in the same outcome. I get it...there is a 50/50 chance that you can and will bomb. However, there is an equally-optimistic chance that you will succeed. Having the courage to misstep rather than not trying is a win win.



2. She is unwilling to step out of her comfort zone.


Oh lorddyy…a woman's comfort zone will trap her every time. When things become too nice and too cozy for her she loses opportunity to grow because she has reached the bar she set for herself. And because she doesn't break up with her bestie - comfort - she experiences a premature plateau that decreases her opportunity of elevating. 


3. She lacks skill and requires more study.


This is actually a very good problem to have! However, it is still not an acceptable reason not to take a stab at something. Personal enrichment is an investment that pays the best interest. Taking a course, signing up for a seminar, and attending a much needed workshop is time well spent and will make you better for it. Not only this, but it will raise you above the competition and makes one indispensable.


So, while all of these are legit reasons why a driven-woman might have to reexamine her efforts, it does not lessen her physical ability or mental creativity in getting the job done – she still can – as can you – unless you choose to remain ensnared by the statement 'I can't'.


Share a reason why a driven-woman may believe she can't. 


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