5 Reasons to Eliminate Distractions

January 18, 2020


Have you ever got the feeling that you can't get anything done? Or, like someone or something is robbing you of your ability to produce?


Don't worry. We all go through this every now and then. Most of the time it is because we have become distracted or have experienced an influx of distractions that have caused us to shift in direction. 


A distraction is something that prevents you from giving your full attention to something else. Distractions can be blatant time thieves like; television, games, internet, and social media. On the other hand, a distraction can be a subtle attention robber like; everyday tasks, responsibilities, work and a laundry list of other good activity.


When this feeling begins to arise it is beneficial for you to source and rid your life of these time, attention, and productivity thieves. This is because it is proven to: 


1. Increase Productivity 

When you say no to distractions you begin to see that you have more time to be productive than you think and will increase the hours you have to focus and become more focused on progress.  


2. Decrease Stress

When you say no to distractions your increased focus will produce a mental and physical environment that will help you to worry less and soar while working under pressure.


3. Accelerate Progress

When you say no to distractions you begin to see that you can take a greater amount of forward steps in the right direction and see the results of positive progress.You may even begin to see yourself getting things done quicker.


4. Make you feel better about yourself and your work

When you say no to distractions you allow yourself time and mental space to be more creative. In doing so, you begin to see your work evolve and elevate to new heights. 


5. Increase time to do what you want and love

When you say no to distractions you rid your schedule of things that don't matter in order to increase time for the things that matter most to you; you may even begin to develop interest in new things. 


See...when you say no to distractions you position yourself to maintain and pursue continued growth. 






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