Kendra Powe - 2018 Finding Ashley Stewart Model Finalist: Don't Wait for the World to Accept and Validate You - #SheisGre8t!

July 27, 2018



Kendra Powe graduated High School at 17 years old, became a licensed and practicing Master Cosmetologist at 18, a Certified Nursing Assistant at 19, and the recipient of a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Chemistry at 24.


Not lacking in career paths, Kendra Powe spent many of her days encouraging and pushing others towards their purpose without thinking about her own emptiness.


Kendra never had a doubt in her confidence but didn’t always love the way she looked. Fat, Pretty Face, Big Thighs, Curvy and Voluptuous, Kendra was called all of that and more, and grew up in a family who never made her feel ashamed about her size but wasn’t too reluctant to share their feelings. 


One day Kendra listed all the dreams and degrees she had, the things she wanted to do, and the things her family wanted for her and wondered what if... 


What if she failed as a model, what if she succeeded; what are the risk factors, what are the pros/cons. The more Kendra thought about it, the more she realized that she was allowing herself to be confined and scared of a possible outcome.


Eventually, she convinced herself that she will never know if she could conquer as a Plus Size Model if she did not try.


As a woman who preferred to be behind the scenes and never in the forefront, Kendra’s position swiftly changed at the age of 26 with the simple idea to try and give modeling her full attention. Never in a million years did she believe she would one day use the same imaginary of her fullness to transfer power and strength through photography, while depicting a woman risking it all for purpose.


Today, Kendra has given herself permission to go after various modelling opportunities and has acquired a highly sought after spot as a finalist in the 2018 Finding Ashley Stewart Model Search. (Vote here once every hour from multiple devices between July 27, 2018 - Aug 5, 2018) 


I found my strength in walking blindly but boldly while trusting in God, and there I always received affirmation in my choices. - Kendra Powe



Kendra says, it is so easy to downplay yourself, be your worst critic, and measure your success to what your neighbor possesses. For many women it's difficult to embrace their unique path, let alone the skin they're in, because of the imagery around them. It is barriers like these that cause them to refrain from going forth and operating in their individual radiance. This she calls self-sabotage.

Furthermore, she advises women that in 2018 there is no room for self-sabotage. Women must begin to trust the process in their own development, retain God inside, build their frailties, keep the momentum going and continue to show up fierce and unapologetic in life. This is why we say #SheisGre8t!


What does it mean to #BeGre8t!

To be great means not looking around but continuously looking up; trusting the process, avoiding comparison, and never seeking validation from others.



Share something most people don't know about you. 

I love how the world is evolving. With all the forthcoming success in being a plus size model, the common topic of interest is when did you accept your size as if I should have been ashamed of who I was. I myself ALWAYS accepted who I was but it was the world who never accepted me. So now in this new millennial of self-acceptance and self-love, I can say I am proud of the world for being more open to love. Loving every shape, size, dimply leg and color is what the world is becoming and I’m loving this freedom where adversity use to live.




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