Working Woman: Tips to Refuel Your Spirit and Just Relax, It’s Okay to Take a Break


I recently asked a networking friend if she'd like to go to an event that I just knew she would love to experience. Surprisingly, her response was the complete opposite of what I expected.


She replied, “I’m not running my business right now. I’m focusing on my mental health and spirit.”


Kudos to her! Mental and spiritual upkeep is very important. We can’t do anything if our powerhouse is not together -- our minds. 


As women who want more out of life, we're always thinking we can do it all, so we can have it all, and forget to take time to fuel and re-fuel our mind, spirit and/or just relax.


I think part of this is because we associate rejuvenation with time loss doing big activities. Contrary to popular belief there are several simple ways to keep your mind and current progress without much effort.


These are my go to activities when I need to step away from my grind.



1. Turn off social media notifications.



2. Journal for 20 minutes.



3. Take a nice relaxing bath.



4. Light candles around your home.



5. Drink tea and listen to jazz.



6. Read the bible and take notes.



7. Listen to an inspirational video.



8. Go to the gym.



9. Paint.



10. Enjoy quiet moments alone.



I hope you see the simplicity of my list and how easy it is to adapt self-care into your busy schedule. Now it’s time for you to create and apply your own ladies.  


Don’t forget to LIVE and #BeGre8t! while you do it. 



Cache` Castelow


Currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, Cache` is a Media Journalism Major at Central Arizona College, the creator of "GoalGetIt: Vision Board Series, and a Consultant and Branding Strategist. Her interests range from branding to marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, and communication. @CacheCastelow







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