Martina Jackson - Let it Go and Walk in Your Future - #SheisGre8t!

June 29, 2018


Martina Jackson is an educator in early childhood and an advocate for single mothers and at-risk teenagers. More specific, she specializes in the areas of women of domestic violence and teenagers suffering from traumatic experiences.


Similar to those she supports, as an adolescent Martina endured several years of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse from her father. This led to a path of self-destruction and unhealthy cycled behavior.


In 2016, after a life changing vision, Martina embarked on a personal journey of healing that prompted her to write her debut book, Let It Go. Within it she reveals some of her personal struggles, experiences of abuse, the journey to healing and how she conquered the pain of her past.


Today, Martina is using these same tools to impact lives and lead women and teenagers to breakthrough from their past.


Unlike Martina, many women carry their past pain into their future, causing them to experience in-part what God desires for them in full; healing from their past, deliverance in their present, and continuous hope for their future. This is why we say #SheisGre8t! 



 If I never told you, you wouldn't know that I was molested during the first 8 years of my life. You wouldn't know that the scars on my arm come from a life of cutting. You wouldn't know that I was a teen mom who experienced homelessness for more than most of my life. You wouldn't know that I slept in cars, stayed in homes without electricity, heat or water, or once called a motel home. You wouldn't know the countless times I was rejected from family and friends when I was down to my last and cried out for help...I know y’all see a pretty face but there's more to my story! - Martina Jackson



Share a special piece of advice about letting go of your past. 

In order to be free from the pain of your past you must first be healed. This means  you must be willing to forgive those who've hurt you even if they won't admit their wrongs or never say “I am sorry.” Then, seeing that once you're healed, you can #behealed #befree #bewhole and #LetitGo.



What does it mean to #BeGre8t! 

Letting Go of Past Pain.



Share a fun fact about yourself.

No matter how old I get, I’ll always love to color. All I need is a coloring book. a box of crayola crayons and I am content.










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