3 Reasons Why You Should Never Choose Money Over Purpose

February 6, 2020


Some say don’t do what you love, do what pays well. Ladies, I think this is poor advice! 


You weren't created to accrue $$$. You were fashioned to complete specific tasks that directly align with your individual personality, gifts, talents and abilities; almost like a key. Because of this, until your key links with your true and authentic opportunities money will never fulfill what your key yearns to give you entry to.  


I get it, even children know you use money to pay bills, buy nice things and get good toys. However, money is not the answer to all things, nor should you make it your sole motivation when choosing a career, accepting a position or following a path. 


However, if you choose to follow the advice that leads you soley to wealth, down the road you may experience one of three things. 

1. You’ll be paid and unfulfilled. 


When money is your sole purpose, you’ll acquire great wealth, yet experience an internal emptiness that money can't cure.


2. You’ll abort your purpose for wealth. 


When money is your sole gain, you’ll do anything and everything except for the right and purposeful thing because your eyes are not on living a full life, but rather living a wealthy one.

3. You’ll be lost when the money ceases. 


When money is your sole purpose, after it stops rolling in you’ll find yourself questioning your personal value and addition to the world.


In case you haven’t noticed, unlike securing the bag, purpose and passion will keep you when there is no money and until the money shows up but it all depends on where you place your priorities.  




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