Dr. Michelle Vaughn - Selfless Servant to Teen and Single Mothers - #SheisGre8t!

June 22, 2018

Dr. Michele Vaughn is the Founder & CEO of the Teen & Single Mother Resource Center, Inc. located in Waukegan, IL., where the primary mission is to equip single mothers to become a positive role model to their children through the power of advanced education.


Through Dr. Vaughn’s vision her organization has assisted two single mothers to become first-time homeowners, six tuition scholarship recipients received between $500 - $1000 each, twenty single mom college graduates and the continual support of single moms becoming gainfully employed.


Prior to the launch of the non-profit, Dr. Vaughn worked for eight years in higher education at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL. It was there that she worked diligently in her former role as associate dean for community education to make schooling accessible for a population that was considered least likely to succeed but the most in need by partnering with various community agencies to offer GED, ESL & Career Development.

In 2014, Dr. Vaughn was laid off from her employer due to a lack of grant funding and that is when she decided to commit the remaining of her life’s work to the movement of building up the lives of single mothers. 


Dr. Vaughn’s passion in the field of education and human service stems from her own past struggle as a college dropout who was labeled as “just another pregnant teen.” 


Her refusal to surrender to the pressures of rejection, suicide and uncertainty ignited the fire to complete her education and become a well-equipped role model to her two sons.


Today, Dr. Vaughn is highly recognized for her drive as a passionate humanitarian and is a three-time published book author and well-respected public speaker for the John C. Maxwell Leadership team. Additionally, Dr. Vaughn has earned an Associate of Arts Degree from the College of Lake County, a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from Columbia College of Missouri, a Master of Science Degree in Counseling from Capella University, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Argosy University.


She has also accumulated several acknowledgments for her humanitarian work and collaborated with MTV Networks regarding high school dropouts that included a follow-up appearance on Fox and Friends to discuss the importance of education and the epidemic of high school dropouts.


Through her personal struggles and set-backs as a single mother, it is her hope to continue to deliver a powerful message of perseverance, courage and faith to single mothers and leaders all over the world.



What does it mean to #BeGre8t!


Being great is to know your creational purpose and dare to live it with every intention of pleasing God and impacting the lives of other people to leave them better than when you met them! 


When you are not helping and serving others, how do you spend your free time? 


I love a simple life and family. When I have free time you can find me working out at the track and field, walking my dog Cocopuffs, journaling and reading a good book or sneaking a movie with popcorn and raisinets. 


Like Dr. Vaughn, your life experience can be the match that will ignite your passion and purpose to impact the world and lives of those around you. 


Good mentors and role models are hard to find, and women who will educate, support and walk through the trenches with you are even harder. 


Her selfless service to equip teen and single mothers with the necessary tools to #BeGre8t! is why we say #SheisGre8t!


To learn more about Dr. Michelle Vaughn and the work of the Teen & Single Mother Resource Center, Inc. visit www.teenandsinglemom.com


#BeGre8t! Rule #7: Be Inspired & Inspiring


A remarkable woman accepts she is not an island unto herself. She is diligent about her personal growth, yet remains open to receiving help. She maintains the status of being her biggest supporter and sideline cheerleader, yet surrounds herself with equally remarkable women to glean from. A remarkable woman then takes what she has gleaned from other remarkable women, and follows through with her responsibility to support, encourage, and inspire those within her sphere of influence.  



#SheisGre8t! spotlights ordinary women who are doing remarkable things.




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