Invest in Yourself Through Education

June 19, 2018


For numerous years education has been esteemed because of its high ROI (Return on Investment). Now, with the help of the internet and social activity, this impression and potential capitalization has begun to withdraw from the mindset of newer generations. 


In my opinion, to #BeGre8t! one must continue to invest in themselves, their future and their craft if they will reach the goals, dreams and desires they have set for their life.  Or, if they plan to maintain an upward trajectory. 


#BeGre8t! has three reasons why you should consider going back to school, attend training and/or pursue a higher level of education.  


1. Education Sets You Apart  


Organizations and potential clients prefer to recruit individuals that have their desired skill set, yet, in certain industries that isn't always possible. By continuing your education you relay the message that you are willing to commit to and endure a process that doesn’t have instant gratification. In turn, potentially, what you lack in experience may be overlooked and recognized through your drive and certification. Plus, if you're fortunate to secure an opportunity in your study, a degree will help your name and resume to get added to the short list of qualified individuals.  



2. Education Builds Self Confidence


Completing your education can help you become more comfortable and confident in what you do because you've progressed through a program that supports and enhances your skills and experience. This will give you an internal, mental and emotional boost, that will positively translate to your career and life choices; setting the stage for further advancement. 



3. Education Solidifies Your Worth 


Completing your education positions you to be compensated above those that have not gone the extra mile. A degree/certificate advises organizations and potential clients that your time, experience, skill and knowledge is above average and worth their investment. Plus, it provides you with the right leverage to negotiate the compensation and rate you desire and believe your work is worth.



Disclaimer: While these benefits are all great, completing a degree/certificate/training program does not solely guarantee your success. There are thousands of individuals who pursued and completed higher education and experience difficulty excelling in their field of study. Part of the reason for this is the shift in business and the economic climate. (For instance, in 2018 industries like technology, engineering and science are booming - 25 years ago, not so much.)       


Regardless, many individuals, including myself, still hold firm to the belief that it pays to invest in yourself and your future through education and training. 


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