Was May Good to Your Goals?

May 31, 2018



I've spent most of my career looking forward to the end of the month. As a Bookkeeper/Accountant, this is when I get to show off my analytical skills by combing through accounts to ensure accurate financial reporting. 


As a woman who wants to see other women pursue their goals, dreams, and passions, nothing has changed. If anything, I'm on a new level! 


I eagerly welcome the last day of the month so I can hear about your milestones being crushed, objectives being achieved, and hard work paying off! Unlike some, my heart genuinely smiles when I learn of your tangible efforts to progress forward.


Call me crazy... I believe every woman can live a fulfilling life and #BeGre8t! when she has the right mindset, tools, and support. 


I'll let you in on a little secret. One of my personal goals is to consistently do my best to provide you with aid in these three areas.


I do this because:


  1. I want to see positive shifts in the way you view yourself and your abilities.

  2. I want to see you become informed in how to do it with focus and ease.   

  3. I want to see you go all the way in your journey. 


My agenda is as simple as that!


If you were here in the early part of May, you should've outlined goals and objectives for the month. Use this Progress Check-Up worksheet to review your success. I hope you learn that May was good to your goals.



I'd love to hear how you made out! Remember, progress can be a slow process. If everything didn't come together this month, celebrate what did! I guarantee if you keep going you'll get there! 



"An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals, than a mile of intention."

-Dawn Hudson 


May was a #BeGre8t! month in our Facebook Group!


Here are a few highlights.


✅ We created a Personal Mission Statement 
✅ Evaluated commitments and made purposeful adjustments
✅ Committed to 10 minutes of daily quiet/planning time


Each one helps us to make clear decisions and strategic movements for future success.






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