Embracing Change

May 17, 2018


I once heard someone say “Change isn’t change, until you change”. Though the author is unknown, he or she suggests in order for change to occur, there has to be an intentional measure of modifications made on the behalf of the one desiring the change. Without it, the difference they are seeking will remain nonexistent thus causing the end result to remain the same.


Therefore, change forces those who are truly desiring it to make adjustments before it will manifest itself. We often give little-to-no thought towards these adjustments because it can be difficult to accept the thought of operating outside of the manner in which you have grown accustomed to.


I get it. I’ll be the first to admit, change is not the easiest thing to experience. It forces us to set aside what makes us most comfortable and adapt in a new and uncertain environment. Its ability to shift our surroundings, modify our perspective, and requirement of results during the process can be fearful as well as intimidating. Yet, we must be willing to accept the changes that come along with our journey and engage in every experience it brings our way.


True, it may take some time to get used to it. And some changes may be more difficult to accept than others. Resolve in your mind not to allow your fear of change to hold you in bondage to where you are. If you don’t, you will restrict your ability to grow and advance in life.


Remember Rule #3: Be a Risk Taker. The road to your goals, dreams, and desires is paved with many uncomfortable seasons of change. This is all part of the process. 


The quicker you are willing to step away from the edge of your normalcy, the quicker you can embrace the amazing things ahead of you. 



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