Brianna "Briyonce" Bundick-Kelly - College Student Dancing Her Way to the Top - #SheisGre8t!

May 18, 2018

Amid a major press tour for FLAWLESSLY slaying Beyonce’s Coachella performance, Brianna Bundick-Kelly, known as Briyonce on Twitter, graced #BeGre8t! By Victoria R Gaskin with an interview.


As a young woman who does not fit the mold of a dancer, I wanted to speak with Brianna about being courageous and authentic in a society that is less excepting of those who are different.


First let me say, after being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, sharing the stage with Shaq on NBA on TNT, and getting twitter love from stars like Michelle Williams, Gabrielle Union, and Perez Hilton, Brianna still views herself as an ordinary Virginia State University freshman trying to leave her mark in the world.


For Brianna, the magnitude of her experience has not set in. When asked about going viral and her time in the public eye, Brianna shares nothing but good things. She is loving the support and encouragement of her close circle and internet community and is savoring her new social status.


However, Brianna wasn’t always this popular. In addition, to the love and encouragement of her amazing circle of family and friends, candidly, Brianna shares how she spent several years"developing self-love" and"drilling into her head that she was great."


It is only because of this, Brianna is unashamed to post videos of herself slaying the steps of several exceptional performers.


Curious if the haters started checking in, I asked if she has received any negative feedback. Humorously, Brianna said amid the praise and congratulations; there is always one…Her level of self-love allows her to brush their words off and keep dancing.


Additionally, Brianna said “Life is so short—you can’t miss your opportunity. No one knows you like you do. Get up and do what you want to do!”


I guess it is safe to say that Brianna has her mind made up and is not going to let anyone rain on her parade!


At the close of the interview, I asked Brianna what it means to #BeGre8t! and her response was priceless.


“Being great is knowing for yourself that you are doing something good!” - Brianna "Briyonce" Bundick-Kelly


Well, there you have it! According to Brianna, authenticity is about ignoring people and knowing for yourself. (Wink. Wink. #BeGre8t! Rule #1: Be Yourself) This is why #SheisGre8t! 


Currently, Brianna is on break from school and plans to use this opportunity as a stepping stone to grow in her craft. Next on her agenda is developing her choreography and teaching others how to move to their unique melody.


You can connect with Brianna on Twitter @imbriyonce



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