Draw a Distinct Line Between You and Your Goals with a Personal Mission Statement

May 14, 2018


Ladies, it’s #MISSIONmonday.


I believe a woman on a mission can only go as far as her readiness will take her. On the other hand, I believe a woman with too many obligations and unclear direction will spend most of her time missing the opportunities she is ready and looking for.


Last week I challenged you to create a personal mission statement – this week I am sharing mine.


My personal mission statement is To embrace who God fashioned me to be and live a life that represents just that.”


Simple, right? No. It is not always easy to replicate this statement in real life.


More than not, I experience many occasions to take part in openings that express nothing like my personal mission. Having developed this single sentence, I am better equipped to operate in purposeful activities, that are directly align with my life goals, and am empowered to reject the ones that will cause me to become unhinged or displaced from my purpose.


With a personal mission, I have made a commitment to spend my time doing specific things to avoid creating a life that I would much rather not have.


Craig Jarrow said, “Better to do a few things well, than many things poorly.”


Many women spend much of their life doing various things that will never produce what they really want to gain during their time on earth. This is why I can’t emphasize to you enough the importance of taking the time to create your own personal mission statement.


By creating a mission statement, you draw a distinct line to you and the goals that will activate your current and future success. After doing so you will see it is easier to make personal, relational, and professional decisions. Additionally, you will begin to see a more distinctive path open before your eyes. 




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