3 Results of Walking and Working in Your Purpose

February 2, 2020



Life can resemble an effortless day at the beach when you are walking and working in your purpose.


1.    You Will Experience Acceleration


Acceleration is the act of moving forward at a quicker pace. When you are operating in your purpose, you will attain success faster than someone who does not. Through flawlessly functioning in your gifts and talents you can avoid going through the hardship of trying to create unnatural success. This then gives people the opportunity to take notice of what you are doing and eventually bring it to the forefront.


2.    You Will Experience Help


Every woman can use help every now and again. When you are operating in your purpose, individuals will enthusiastically lend a hand up, share resources, or connect you with others. In most cases you will not have to solicit their presence. Instead, they will eagerly want to connect with you because they recognize your authentic effort and merely want to be a part of something real.


3.    You Will Fall Forward


Going backward will never be a problem. When you are operating in your purpose, you will continuously fall onward towards success. When failure happens, regardless of the degree, your setback will always result in; a setup for a learning lesson, a setup for an opportunity, or a setup at a chance to advance further in life. Eventually, you will begin to see that everything is working for your good.


If you have not noticed, walking and working in your purpose makes life so much easier and your efforts that much more effective.


If that doesn't resemble a peaceful day at the shore, then I don't know what will.






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