Tips to Avoid Goal-Overload

May 2, 2018


Ladies, with precision, we can clean the house, rear the children, change a flat tire, and perform open-heart surgery, while taking a nap in outer space. (wink. wink.)


Okay…the example given was an exaggeration. But, there is one woman screaming Yasss, I can do all that, and more!


If she is you, I applaud and admire your gusto! I too believe you can do everything you set your mind to.


However, when possible you should avoid vigorously working towards several goals at one time. Unlike everyday tasks, goals require a long-term investment and necessitate your time, focus, and commitment. To take on too much may cause you to become stressed, overwhelmed, and short-tempered. This is especially true if several of your goals are equally trying.


Try avoiding an epic-goal-meltdown by staggering your goals. You do this by placing adequate time between each goal’s start and finish. This will give you room for better focus and pave the way towards a higher achievement rate. Plus, it will alleviate any added pressure caused by being spread too thin.


Then, after you have come close to, or successfully completed one, give yourself permission to move on to the next. Keep in mind, all your goals will not require the same amount of time and mental stamina, therefore, trust yourself, and carefully gauge your readiness when establishing deadlines.


Ladies, I know you have superwoman powers embedded in your DNA, but try not to overwork yourself. Rome was not built in a day; they worked on it daily.


I hope these tips help you on your journey towards being great!


Comment and let me know how you tackle your goals while avoiding goal-overload.




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