Self-Confidence is the Foundation for Success - Rule #1: Be Yourself

April 28, 2018


Last year my husband and I attended a Paint and Sip session at Pinot’s Pallet in Oklahoma City.


It was so much fun!


Our assigned seats were nestled between two couples. To our left, a younger couple celebrating their first year of dating. To our right, a more mature couple who recently reconnected.


As we waited for the class to begin, each couple took a few minutes to get to know each other. Then the instructor began to speak, and we were off to the races.


Halfway through the class, I glanced over to the gentleman’s easel to my right and admired how lovely his painting was. As a self-proclaimed, unartistic individual, he shockingly created the best picture at the table because he gave it a solid try. I believe he left the class with a greater level of self-confidence because of it.


Self-confidence is the foundation for all success. Having a negative self-perception will always cause you to be conscious of what you do around others and what others do around you. As a result, you will refrain from doing what you love, enjoy, and are gifted to do.


The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do. - Swati Sharma


Sure, onlookers may consider some of your ways to be different. That’s OK! Different gave us; electricity, cell phones, and computers.

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I believe the world is waiting for your type of different to add something unique to the list. However, they won't have an opportunity to experience it if you continue to cringe at the thought of doing your own thing.


#BeGre8t! TASK: imagine what you could do if you began to care more about doing your own thing and less about the opinions of others. And let me know how it feels.


Rule #1: Be Yourself - Always be mindful that a remarkable woman embraces who she is and was to be. She recognizes she is more than enough to set the world ablaze. She favors the beauty of individual authenticity and is committed to the cultivation & discovery of her own remarkableness. She never avoids an occasion for her light to shine, and carries her personal torch with modesty, integrity, & confidence.




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