Following the rules never felt so good!

Living by them is so much better!

                      - Victoria R Gaskin


#1. Be Yourself

A remarkable woman embraces who she is and was created to be. She recognizes she is more than enough to set the world ablaze. She favors the beauty of individual authenticity, and is committed to the cultivation & discovery of her own remarkableness. She never avoids an occasion for her light to shine, and carries her personal torch with modesty, integrity, & confidence.


#2. Be a Visionary

A remarkable woman has a personal revelation of who she is, will, and desires to be, and is pursuant of an original and innovative future for herself. She is imaginative and interjects positivity and optimism when mapping out her impending world impact. She is never willing to accept the status quo or settle for anything less than what her gre8tness entitles her to.


#3. Be a Risk Taker

A remarkable woman views the quest for comfort as a hindrance to her personal, professional, & spiritual development. She consciously evades the clutches of fear as she pursues everything her imagination recognizes as possible. She is open to new and exciting things, and inspires others to venture out into uncharted territory as well.

#4. Be Goal-Driven 

A remarkable woman boldly sets targeted objectives and allows them to drive her towards triumph. She is highly motivated and focused on her individual success. She does not allow anyone or anything to interfere with her pursuit of success.  


#5. Be Persistent 

A remarkable woman has erased the words “QUIT”, “CAN'T”, & “IMPOSSIBLE” from her language! She is committed to staying a course and on target regardless of situations, circumstances, and difficulty. She is a fighter, and a force to be reckoned with when things get tough. She knows how to persevere and soar through struggles and allows those opportunities to catapult her to higher heights and deeper depths of gre8tness.  


#6. Be Discerning

A remarkable woman is wise and exercises good judgment. She remains cognizant of the impact of her choices and never arrives at a decision haphazardly. She is prayerful and has learned to account for what she cannot perceive with her two eyes. She searches out a deeper truth and places great confidence within her intuition.


#7. Be Inspired & Inspiring

A remarkable woman accepts she is not an island unto herself. She is diligent about her personal growth, yet remains open to receiving help. She maintains the status of being her biggest supporter and sideline cheerleader, yet surrounds herself with equally remarkable women to glean from. A remarkable woman then takes what she has gleaned from other remarkable women, and follows through with her responsibility to support, encourage, and inspire those within her sphere of influence.  


#8 Be Infinite

A remarkable woman wears an invisible “S” on her chest! She recognizes there is NOTHING her courage, talent, and ingenuity cannot accomplish when she sets her mind to a task. She will never allow anyone or anything to dictate her magnificence, and believes she can do all things through Christ.



Her future remains to BEGRE8T as she continues to exude remarkableness!


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