• Victoria R Gaskin

Adventure Awaits at #BeGre8t!

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I have come to the resolve that the greatness my mother declared over my life not only came with a hefty price tag paid with seasons of; hard work, discomfort, isolation, and even tears, but it required me to live by specific rules as I strive to see her dreams became reality.

​I believe if you commit to keeping your dreams before you while walking in integrity, honoring God, yourself and personal vision then you too will see the evidence of your labor.

I encourage you to stick around and join our mailing list. In doing so, I will inspire you to keep moving forward and fighting for your purpose.

In the same regard as my mother, I would like to make a few declarations over your life & future. ​I charge you to take each declaration to heart and begin living by different rules.

  • I declare your life and spiritual womb will be prosperous, while everything your hands find to do will be blessed & anointed to grow.

  • I declare the manifestation of dreams and a hope for a new and innovative future.

  • I declare you shall exit the shadows and abyss of mediocrity and embark upon a future complete with love, hope, & joy.

  • I declare your best days are ahead of you as your focus is coming into alignment.

  • I declare you will rally every bit of faith, courage, and strength to pursue your journey to #BeGre8t!

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