Our mission is to ignite brave + brilliant female goal-getHER's to live loudly, proudly, and Godly while making moves that foster authenticity.



BEGRE8T by Victoria R. Gaskin is for the woman who dares to forget notoriety and strive for fullness. In this community, I create content and curate conversation that ignites brave  +  brilliant female goal-getHER's to make moves that foster authentic and pursuing lives. read more

"Our motto is forget notoriety and strive for fullness." 


Our mantra is shine in front of everybody without consulting anybody!


BEGRE8T was birthed from a story Victoria's mother shared often and unapologetically. She'd say, "Victoria after you were born I didn't have a name for you. The nurses gave many suggestions, but none of them would do. As I held you in my arms I thought about it. Then, I said I will name her Victoria because she will be great!" 


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